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The act of Sexual Intercourse between a Man and a Woman, usually in a lighthearted and quick manner.
Andy is waiting for his wife to get ready to go out for the evening, he feels aroused at watching her getting dressed, and asks " How about a bit of Rumpy Pumpy before we go? "
Answer 99% of the time is " Get off, watch my hair!! "
by Mc Scrotum May 22, 2003
A highly nutritious and natural Soup, obtained from the Pisshole of a Man. Good for Vegan Lesbians.
Said to a Vegan Lesbo, " What you want is a big helping of Tadpole Soup.
by Mc Scrotum May 22, 2003
The pussy, quim, vagina. The clit is the Prawn and the outer lips the bread of the " Sandwich ".
" Geez your Prawn Sandwich is really tasty, I could chew on it all night."
by mc scrotum October 01, 2003
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