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To give yourself a nickname, or hype yourself to an unnecessary degree.
Richard : Mojo shoots! Mojo scores!!!
Clay : Who the hell is Mojo?
Richard : I am.
Clay : Who gave you that nickname?
Richard : I kinda came up with it myself.
Clay : No one like self-gloss, dude.
by mb9981 February 20, 2008
Something so profound, insightful, funny or just spot-on, that words fail to describe it's brilliance. Only applicable online, or through text messaging.
Ed : I can't get over what I giant fool Rick is
<insert long, yet eloquent rant on Rick's foolishness>
Tim : $$$
Ed : WTF?
Tim : That's money dude. And you're on it.
by mb9981 March 04, 2008

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