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when a female is extraordinarily horny and has no relief of the tension. the clitoris swells similar to receiving sexual stimulation, but since it is not followed by an orgasm leaves the woman feeling overly sensitive. The word is derived from the combination of blue and clitoris.

It is the female version of blue balls.
When you talk dirty to me, I get a blutoris. Only a dildo can help me now
by maz33 August 04, 2007
when an individual becomes 130 degrees to the touch while lying under blankets and sleeping, but the person is not over-heated themself
My girl was sleep warm when I got back from the bathroom, so I was toasty again in no time.
by maz33 August 04, 2007
A woman who is so fat that when you are getting it on with her you only have to hump her once. Her fat keeps her jiggling for long enough to make it seem like you are still fucking
Man, last night I was with a one hump pump. I left after one hump and she was still shaking when I left 4 hours later!
by maz33 May 02, 2008
the act of receiving a slap in the face from a woman's labia. Often causes a snapping of the neck similar the whiplash. The female version of mushroom stamping
I was going down on this girl when she gave me liplash. Now, I have to go to physical therapy!
by maz33 January 22, 2011

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