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Church is a fictitious and enviable character in the online series, 'Red vs Blue'. A self serving and crass individual.
Church: "No...I..I'm not gonna make it, Tucker, there's something I need to tell you"
Tucker: "What is it, Church?"
Church: "I just wanted you to know...I always hated you...I always hated you the most"
Tucker: "Yeah, I know you did, now hurry up and die you prick"
by mayej April 03, 2009
When you only hire your enemies.
"John, you're in danger of dancing with nemesism by hiring your x-wife at your business."
by mayej May 05, 2009
muhk-nid: A type of repugnant bug. The kind of bug you get from a hooker.
"Oh man, that whore gave me mcnids!"
by mayej March 31, 2009
Acronym for Fuck On Sight. A type of individual when seen by another, one would be willing to have sex with without knowing anything about them, not even their name.
"Dude, that girl in the parking lot, her eyes, those hips, she's a definite F.O.S."
by mayej May 10, 2009

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