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In opposition to the existing definition, Pueblo West High School is an academic academy of the highest excellence and class. The noble instruction staff provides the "dopest" teaching styles to guide you through your high school career. The sports teams participate in their designated areas with the highest sportsmanship and honor. To wear a Pueblo West Jersey scrupulously justifies a truly definite athlete.

In addition, despite the diverse community of young school-goers, the students of this school have come to accept each other as individuals and all communicate with little haste or hostility. The population of increasingly intelligent students also posses the power to properly display individuality in the art of style. Walk down the halls in this school and you will notice immediately that every student is proud of their "swagger" and flaunts it as such.

After-school life in this area is also very prominent. The party life directly deprived from this institute is only defined by a scene of the utmost class and prosperity. There should be no visualizations of underage drinking or "pot smoking" at these gatherings. More common, however, are Harry Potter themed parties accompanied by non-alcoholic butter beer.

The cheerleaders are very good and nice.
"Hey dude! What school do you go to?"
"Hello good sir, I attend Pueblo West High School."
"Whoa! Cool! I wish my parents would send me there!"
"You can accompany me! All sorts are permitted!"
by maxmurtha March 16, 2011
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