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An effect to which, much like that of the Borat film, countless numbers of participants re-enact an Andy Samberg sketch or repeat a catch phrase from an SNL Digital Short. Participants are generally under the delusion that they are the first to have done such a deed and are there by the most original person ever. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, box penetration, salad mouth, sea farthiness, and premature ejaculation.
Last night's best look in the world on a boat party was a total andysambergization.
by maximarsergee February 01, 2010
see "fupa"
Santa has a voluptuous front muffin.
by maximarsergee February 01, 2010
pubic hair made known to the public
Some guy ran by and pulled mike's pants down and out unfurled a thicket of angry public hair.
by maximarsergee February 01, 2010

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