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An individual who has total disregard for any action that is considered either productive, efficient, or both. Behavior is usually caused by EXCESSIVE and HABITUAL use of alcohol, drugs or pew pew pew laser beamz. Such individuals tend to participate in foolish buffoonery that, when viewed from the perspective of a normal-minded individual, would likely illicit the following responses:

"let's cross the street and avoid those guys"
"we're not boring right? those guys are just crazy"
"why're those guys not respecting dance floor space in the club"
"why does that brown guy keep yelling 'scream for me asian people!!!!!!!'"

Now, it's important to keep in mind that a sloun(s) is by no means at the bottom of the social ladder. On the contrary, there is a fine line between hooligan and scoundrel that they cautiously trot. Seldom do slouns cross the boundary of depravity, but reckless debauchery is known to occur. They (usually) do not partake in activities causing social disorder or legal problems, but are so into their little world that others may perceive their actions as disrespectful. This is not the case, as slouns have been known to be extraordinarily accepting of others. Do not be intimidated by slouns, as you'll be pleasantly surprised by the entertainment value they provide.

Characteristics of/how to spot a sloun:
- very boisterous
- typical 1:15 brown/yellow ratio

(continued below)
- frequent sightings at any major electronic music festival and/or nightclub in urban cities
- scrawny guys with shirts off (do not mistake this as a tough guy image as they are genuinely over-heating from the dance machines that they are)
- loud music permeating through your walls
- follow-up to the above, intermittent thumping from your ceiling due to a sloun gathering with all of them jumping up and down in an attempt at ‘shufflin’ Danger: Floor may collapse
- well-being is questionable at times as a sloun can go days/weeks fueled by partying, music, party favors with a minimal intake of essential nourishments
- incessant laughter
-preferred means of communication: MEMEGENERATOR.COM
-chronic indeciveness

phrases/words of a sloun:
- scream for me ____!!!!!
- pewpewpew
- ice cream or ICE CREAM
- wait… what? i wasn't listening
- random noises which you wouldn't hear anywhere else eg. PEEEEBLOOO
- ooo…. oooHH…. OOHHHH!!!!!
- nah son


MCD Clerk: Welcome to McDonald's. How may I help you?

PERSON A: Can we get 2 double cheeseburgers, 3 Mac Snack Wraps, no wait make that 5 Mac Snack wraps, 4 McRibs and 6 vanilla cones?

MCD Clerk: Ok, so that's 2 double cheeseburgers, 5 Mac Snack wraps, 4 McRibs and 6 vanilla cones?


MCD Clerk: Hello?


MCD Clerk: What a bunch of slouns.
by maximal_cwazy September 23, 2011

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