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to go poop in the top part of a toilet, ensuring a funky odor for days and plenty of laughs.
i took a top shelf in stves toilet hell be pissed
by max powers March 22, 2003
Verb: To be hit on, admired, or groped by a nasty whore or skanker.
"Oh man, you just got so Cathrined. I'd take a cold shower if I were you."
by Max Powers October 30, 2004
a tit, specifically the one who pounds the skins. 40 oz express is an absent minded professor of the kit, and lives constanly in the shadow of his counterpart and mentor, johnny alternative. Has been known to drink excessively and the term lorry was born during one of his drinking binges.
40: "have you seen my keys, I can't find them"
Johnny: "no, I haven't. where are you going?"
40: "I have to go to Fox's. I think I left my wallet in there, but I can't find my keys"
Johnny: "Ha Ha Ha. You lost your keys, now you can't go look for your lost wallet. what a dick"
40: "You better shut the fuck up, or I'm going to lorry you.
by Max Powers January 24, 2004
word used as nickname by some citizens, branding the occupent of the nickname as a cheap dirty slut, who has been that way since only 11 or 12 years old. A younger version of the cum dumpster.
Guy A: Hey look at that chick, she sure looks young ay!
Guy B: yeah, but it looks lik shez been around, if u kno wat i mean! (wink)
Guy A(shouts): How bout u go die BELLA!!
by Max Powers March 28, 2005
v. the act of beating the fuck out of one of your best friends because you are drunk and he is in love with you. Refers to a particularly severe beating. Has been shortened to mean beating the fuck out of someone who is mearly an acquaintance or beating the fuck out of someone in a situation where it would be wholly unexpected or inappropriate,
me: that guy was a fucking dickhead.
40: yea, he doesn't know how close he came to eating through a straw for the next six weeks. I was going to lorry that mother fucker.
by Max Powers January 24, 2004
Defines the biggest fans of Good-Charlotte. As long as you're punk, wear black everyday, and listen to the GC, straight-edge applies to you.
Gena Faust is so straight-edge. You won't miss <i>her</i> rocking out at the next GC tour.
by Max Powers April 01, 2005

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