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Noun. The act of presenting an elaborately groomed and/or decorated vagina.
Britney Spears' lack of vageantry when exiting the limo is synonymous with her failing grace and poise as a young lady in the arts community.
by Mavis7897 May 11, 2011
Using leftover pizza toppings from the fridge on top of frozen waffles; this phenomenon happens when you forget to go grocery shopping/can't afford to go grocery shopping; if you have name-branded frozen waffles, you can call them Pizzeggo Pizzaffles
"Dude, all I have are these frozen waffles and pizza toppings..."

"When life gives you waffles and pizza toppings, don't get down, make pizzaffles."
by mavis7897 October 23, 2011
noun: The feeling of being stuck in a drunken state between sober and blackout drunk. Lasts for an undetermined amount of time, and it feels like you can't fully get to one state or the other without a total commitment.
"No matter how hard I tried last night, I couldn't get completely hammered. I was stuck in blurgatory all night!"

"Dude, you lack commitment and faith in getting wasted, that's why."
by mavis7897 November 09, 2012

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