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Noun. Singular.

Synonym: "White Trash Famous Folk," although not limited to just whities.

Definition: A famous woman, usually of low self-esteem, who thinks that her money, status or beauty is excuse enough for her to do outrageously inappropriate or lewd things, usually in public.
See Also:

Courtney Love
Madonna (Pre-Kabbalah)
Britney Spears (lip locked w/Madonna)
Kelly Osbourne (pre-rehab)
Janet Jackson
Anne Heche ("Celestia")
by Maven May 05, 2004

Definition: A playah who is denied access to a woman's "playground in her pants."
"When he came home last night with some one else's stank on his hang down, he became Poonany Nongrata."
by Maven April 15, 2004
If it's free and unrestricted, even imbeciles who can peck out gibberish and press Send to Urban Dictionary can feel like they are contributing to a living, breathing literary process.
by Maven May 11, 2004
Noun. Singular.

Definition: Quite literally a lame assed orgasm, usually administered by someone stimulating their mate begrudgingly.
"Golly, after gobbling my husband's knob for 30 minutes straight, he had to have his ass beat in order to give me some jive-assed Mini Gasm."
by Maven April 15, 2004
Noun (place).

Definition: Where you'd be if you were administering fellatio or cunnilingus (aka "oral treats").
"Whilst receiving oral treats, it's good form not to fart while the giver is at C Level."
by Maven April 15, 2004

Definition: Items like prayer shawls, yarmulkes, siddurs/prayer books, tefillin, and other items inherently Jewish used for worship.
"Oy Morty, look at the way Moshe is wearing his yarmulke, jaunty like a beret."
by Maven April 15, 2004
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