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Said to cover up someone's true intentions about a question they just asked; trying to appear nonchalant. Could also mean that it's about to go down.
Justin: "Yo, Brad, how old's your sister?"
Brad: "She's 16, what's it to you, perv?"
Justin: "Dang, man, I was just wondering..."
by mattyp1108 September 10, 2011
A phrase used by an individual in a group suddenly determined to resolve a task or meaningless puzzle (that the others are too lazy to accomplish), usually in attempt to glorify their image or make them feel valuable to that group.
Girl1: "I wonder what time (movie) is playing tonight..."
Girl2: "We should check the showings."
Guy, trying to impress girls: "I'm on it." *pulls out smartphone and uses movie times app
by mattyp1108 January 04, 2011
A delicious chocolate and peanut butter snack of stacked wafers. The correct way to eat said fortress is to pry off each wafer layer one by one, thus extending the time this heaven-sent food is caressing your tastebuds.
John: "My mom packed me a Nutty Buddy for lunch today! FRIGGIN' SWEET!"

Bob: "Dude, you're in high school now."

John: "You mad."
by mattyp1108 June 27, 2011
Calling "FaceBook safety" at work/home/school insures that no one else will sabotage your FaceBook if you're kept logged in or walk away from the computer.
John's Status: "Men make me happy!"

John's friend: "Ahhhahaha John didn't call FaceBook safety!"
by mattyp1108 April 22, 2011
Household code (sometimes unspoken) that defines how siblings or friends take turns playing a video game that is single player or when there is not 2+ controllers.

If you die or beat a level, pass the controller.
Little Sally and Billy are taking turns playing Super Mario Bros. Sally is first, and Billy is waiting his turn. Sally walks into the first Goomba in World 1-1. Noob.

Billy: "My turn!!" *snatches controller*

Sally: "But I just started! No fair!"

Billy is correctly exemplifying the One Life/Level Rule. Sally needs to learn how not to be a scrub.
by mattyp1108 August 20, 2011
Mom's executive order. It states that you don't leave the dinner table until you've had at least three bites of everything on your plate.
Mom - "I don't care if all of your friends are on Black Ops! You're not leaving the table until you've eaten at some of your greens!"

Son - *mumbles* "Freakin' three bite rule..."
by mattyp1108 July 05, 2011
Incorrect pronunciation of Otterbox.
My Sprint customer: "I know it's called outerbox cause it goes outside my phone!"

Me: *le sigh*
by Mattyp1108 July 30, 2013

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