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1. To shoot someone either in the gaming world or in real life without a targeting reticle. (note: True Goldeneye Aim is a single head shot, however multiple dead on shots that result in the death of another is also acceptable) Usually in the gaming world cause much frustration for the fool on the recieving end and could result in broken controllers and shattered televisions. In real life, you're dead so you can't complain after the fact. Goldeneye aim is recieved from rigorous fiendish training on the Nintendo 64 gaming system.

2. A triumphant boastful outcry after humiliating a person in the gaming world or in real life with a ridiculous ability to aim.
Example 1:
person1-Dude let's play some Halo 2 live.
person2-No, I hate that damn game. Those bastards on there have Goldeneye Aim. I gotta dust off the 64 and get to work before I play again.

Example 2:
(person1's computer character perishes in a hail of dual SMG fire delivered by person2)
person1- Fuckin-A thats 32 god damn games in a row! The fuck man?!!
person2- That's that Goldeneye Aim!!! That's that Goldeneye Aim beeeyaatch! You got ownnneed, ownnneed....
person1- Get the hell out of my house!

by mattyheavnr October 14, 2005
costly noun: expressive noun;

1. A duey is a ticket issued by a police officer and or goverment official for driving under the influence of alcohol. You cannot talk your way out of a duey. If you are under suspicion of a duey, most likely you're ending the night with a duey. Duey's are costly and if they pile up destroy your life.(see Whiskey)However duey's that do not happen to you are things to poke fun at while the reciever of the duey wallows in pure misery. Avoiding a duey requires taking backroads and driving with one eye closed to aid depth perception and vision. Or get a person who is at no risk of receiving a duey to drive you home.

2. Word can be put into phrases, usually old words of wisdom to distort meaning and take the place of a more proper word. Usually done in a state of drunkeness or around many guys working on becoming drunk.
Person 1: Jesus Christ Ray how many beers did you drink?!
Ray: I don't even know(urp).
Person 2: You aint got no ride home, and your ass aint stayin here.
Ray: Fuck it guess, I'm getting a duey t'night.

Person 1:Hey ace what time are we supposed to head to the fuckin party.
Person 2:As the duey flies I reckon we should head outta here no later than 8:45 whiskey.
by mattyheavnr October 14, 2005
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