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its actually the third richest behind Jupiter Island (a few miles to the north) and then Aspen. its not like the east coast laguna beach because there are no young people. their idea of a party is inviting fellow upperclass senior citizens over to their 14 bedroom mansion which is catered by their private chef!
u r better off going to bradleys over on flagler and drink some overpriced beers!
dude lets go over and surf and hang out on palm beach!
ah no, palm beach has toe height surf and the only thing to do is sneak into a private club to hang out.
by mattyg7 October 14, 2006
an extremely dark tan all over your body except for the thin white line left from wearing a speedo in the sun for a long period of time
Matt had such a good speedo tan from surfing in it, he wore his white skin speedo with his girl later that night.
by mattyg7 October 05, 2006

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