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The verb form of attrition. When someone leaves a group or company, he will "attrit" from that group.
We can't fire that group of managers even though they're dead weight. We just have to wait for them to attrit.
by mattybikes November 21, 2011
Negotiating the terms of a pregnancy, usually before the pregnancy occurs. The terms in question include but are not limited to: the career aspirations of the prospective parents, their earning potential, housing and location, child care, schools, television-watching regulations, table manners, permissible clothing, and nutrition. Planning can reach absurdly detailed levels, however it's understood that the terms of a preggotiation go completely out the window once the child is born and the parents confront the realities of child-rearing.
Jill: "I want to have a baby."
Jack: "OK, but we can't raise a child in this little apartment."
Jill: "OK, then let's move to a bigger one."
Jack: "We can't afford a bigger place in this city, and anyway the schools are bad. We'll need to move upstate."
Jill: "But my job is here--I won't be able to make nearly as much money upstate."
Jack: "Well, if we're going to have a child you can probably kiss your career goodbye, and I'll have to squeeze in a second job. Maybe I can tend bar at night."
Jill: "OK, but the TV must be off during dinner, and if it's a girl she won't leave the house looking like a hoochie."
Jack: "Deal. Glad to preggotiate with you. Now let's go get you knocked up."
by mattybikes November 30, 2011
Not disheveled
He looks great in that tailored suit and sharp haircut--very sheveled.
by mattybikes August 09, 2011

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