2 definitions by mattw

its what you call when someone whines too much
"I just spilled beer all over my new pants"
--better call the Wah-bulance !
--yeah, the number is 9-wah-wah !

wait, i hear the siren off in the distance....

'wah waH, wAH WAH !
by mattw July 23, 2005
1. A figurative vehicle one "rides on" after doing something "1337". This word is often preceded by the phrase "take a ride on (the)". "Grats Mobile" is also used frequently in a sarcastic manner to poke fun at someone who claims to have accomplished something great, but in actually has accomplished nothing noteworthy.

2. A vehicle that is so dilapidated and/or fugly that it is funny.
Noobhata: LOLZ i pwned that nublar!1! roflcakes!!11!!!1!

Pureownaged00d: Take a ride on the Grats Mobile,loser. That took no skill!
by MattW July 27, 2005

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