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When you are starving to death, and you go to the drive thru. You are happy to be handed your bag of warm fries, and a burger. You pull away because there is a long line behind you only to put your right hand in the bag. Reaching around, you begin to salivate. You pick out the warm burger, and take a bite. The burger is old! It is salty, half warm, and tastes like your uncles shoe. Being so hungry, and anticipating the long line you will have to get in to complain, you eat the burger and cold, stale fries anyway.
Cynthia went to Wendy's after work. She skipped lunch that day and was really hungry. It was snowing, and the line was long. She ordered a burger, fries, and a small pepsi. When she paid for her order, she drove away anxious to eat her meal. When Cynthia tasted the burger, she rolled her eyes and felt immediate dissapointment. She was so hungry, she ate the food anyway, knowing that she would have to wait in line to order more food, or complain. She thought, i wanted a happy meal, not a Crappy meal.
by matttildaaa January 23, 2011

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