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1 the rich jewish creator of robocop

2 the rich jewish kid who always manages to find his way into your heart
'robocop's become self aware!!'
'call bob morton!'

'what do you think of bob morton'
'he's a sweetheart'
by matticah February 03, 2008
sexual poetry, written for men with crushes on each other in a 5-7-5 non rhyming style.
my gaykou:

beautiful mike sleeps
under me, two arms around
white dribble on him
by matticah February 03, 2008
a sexual move, where you fuck a girl at a bowling alley, while shoving her head in the ball return
'yea i gave her the canadian hairdresser'
'did she like it?'
'she died'
by matticah February 03, 2008
lonely christmas is a term which refers to smell of a middle aged man whose only current relationship is with alcohol and his co-workers.
'is it me or does jay smell like gin?'
'yea, he smells like a lonely christmas'
by matticah February 03, 2008
Sub-english word to describe the weird white stuff that forms underneath the uncircumsized penis, which smells like rotten potatoes and george washingtons breath.
i have to rinse off my corlew
by matticah February 03, 2008
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