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Vince Young, a current NFL starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. He grew up in Huston,TX, and played football all his life. He is most well known for his amazing 2006 Rose Bowl victory over the USC Trojans(41-39)who had a 39 game winning streak. Vince Young then had a controvesal "wonderlick" test results that made him seem like a very unintelligent player, and possibly affected his draft choice. Through the controversie, the Titans still decided to draft Vince as the 3rd pick of the 2006 NFL draft. As taking over starting qb for the titans in week 6, he has lead his team from a 0-5 record to a 8-7 record as of 12/24/2006. His team is a playoff contender as he continues to show his excellence in the NFL.
"Vince Young, the man, the myth, the legend"
by matthealy December 26, 2006
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