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A friend, colleague or family member who goes on and on about the iPhone Applications and AppStore.
Don't get me wrong I love the iPhone and the Appstore as much as the next man, however, I met an old school mate in the pub the other day. We had loads to catch up with but just as we sat down he whipped out his iPhone and showed me his 325 applications. Turned out he'd become an AppstoreBore.
by mattgod66 January 27, 2010
A suntan that only golfers own. Made famous by Masters winner Phil Mickelson.

It includes parts of the face, both forearms and one hand. Not to be confused with the farmers tan.
Blimey it was hot out there today. I played 36 holes and came home with a Mickeltan.
by mattgod66 May 09, 2010

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