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this phrase simply put means that the object of the abuse is quite mad in the head. therefor should instead of fucking off "GO AND THROW SHITE AT THE MOON"
insane man - moo boo hoo too coo
sane man - christ on a bike that mad in the head person is dribbling shit again i so wish he would fuck off and go and throw shite at the moon
by mattgc November 20, 2006
a complete bastard whom fathers many bastard children with his over-active man-goo contained within his ball sack "bastard balls"
"hey bastard balls fuck right off"
by mattgc November 20, 2006
jizzumist- a person who likes to partake in the sampling and study of mens jizz to the means of becoming a jizzoligist
rod- where is colin tonight???
matt- he is away studying man-goo
rod- christ on a bike i had no idea he is a jizzumist
by mattgc November 20, 2006
twatist is a person who likes nothing better of a evening than inspecting and drooling over a ladies love tunnel
colin- hmm i love ladies love tunnels
matt- feck off you pervy twatist
by mattgc November 20, 2006
quite possibly THE worst insult ever phrased. meaning not only are you ginger{every mans worst nightmare}but also implies that the receipient of the insult is also somewhat retarded
ginger man- oh dear ive messed up once again
impatient man- god damn you ginger mong
by mattgc November 20, 2006
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