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To walk casually into the alcohol aisle of any grocery store and proceed to take a bottle, usually Jack Daniels, and walk out of the store like nothing happened. A variation can be done with a hand basket and several bottles. If one can handle the sketchiness of the act, a shopping cart and the fire exit can also be used. A bottle run will get you a good year on probation, so if someone behind your back tells you to stop, run forest run.
Stoner A:"Dude Matt got tackled by 3 managers at Ralph's for trying to push a shopping cart full of JD out the fire exit!" Stoner B:"Are you serious, thats the 3rd time he's done a bottle run this week!"
Stoner A:"Yeah, that dumb ass kept doin it at the same store"
by matt412 July 02, 2007
whats the difference between a black guy and a pizza?

a pizza can feed a family of four!!!!!
that is the worst black joke out there.
by matt412 July 12, 2007
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