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1. Afghanistan is a country which has defeated alot of Super Powers such as Alexander the Great, Gangez Khan, Persian forces, Moghual Forces, British Forces and Soviets.

2. A country that has been never defeated or conquered by any nation.

3. All of these wars and battles were not won by a regular Army, Almost all of those battles were fought by normal people.

4. (2004) a country that is currently under contruction , because of its many wars.

5. a cool country located in Central Asia.

6. A country that has hot summers and cold winters.

7. Official languages are pashtuh ,persian .but they do know a little english.
we better not mess with them or else they will kick our asses!

"those soviets were dumb for trying to conquer Afghanistan , i mean didn't they learn from its unbeatable record of kicking Super-Powers asses."
by matt09 August 01, 2005

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