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A role-playing game released for the Sony Playstion in 1998. It is well-known to have a very complex and intricately written storlyine that is filled with western theological references and metaphors. Developed by Squaresoft.
"I am the alpha and omega,
the first and the last,
the beginning and the end"
-from opening movie
by Matt O March 06, 2005
what peters friend quagmire says from the show family guy...means something sexually good is happening or about to happen
"hey, what do you say me and you go back to my place"
"giggitty, giggitty, giggitty o riiight"
by matt o April 29, 2004
The act of being an asshole.
Damn it Matt, your assholing all over the place.
by Matt O January 22, 2004
1.The act of becoming invisible, to be in stealth; camouflaged

2.When you turn off your car's lights, put her into neutral, and turn off the car making zero noise going down any given road. You are now in stealthmode.

*note* should not be done on the highway or busy streets
*second note* your steering wheel and or brakes might die....

3. A cool fazer
Hey, where is Matt? His is in stealthmode.
by Matt O January 24, 2005

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