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If it's more than a handful, it's a waste.
Guy 1: My new girlfriend has triple Ds or something, her tits are huge.

Guy 2: You're not Shaq, Rule 67.
by matt hunter November 18, 2010
An icy substance formed at the corner of one's eyes through a combination of harsh arctic winds and below 30 temperatures that are encountered in Canada during the 6-month long winter season.
If I had a dime for every tearcicle I ever made, I'd be a rich man.
by matt hunter February 09, 2011
An unsightly female. Either a butterface or a butterbody, but usually both.
Derived from the word "Trough", the receptacle of pig feed. Inspired by the sight of above described females leaning against a bar and chugging on beers followed by the observation: "Check them out, it's like they're feeding at the trough"
Hence the word Troffs.

Antonym(s): Hottie, Cutie, A sexy ting dat
This nasty troff was all over me last night. Had a few beers and then took her out back for a quickie.

The bar was full of troffs, I'm not going back there again.

I hate to say it, but my sister's a troff. (not actually true)
by matt hunter January 10, 2007
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