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someone who is down wit the pap or people against preps. there people who hate preps and every thing they stand for. who ever said that all Anti-Prep people are goth fags are in fact preps them self and just got done getten beat by there dads
if you want to learn more about pap vist me at myspace
my myspace name is fitz-pap
that anti-prep kid just beat the blood out of that prep. hes my hero
by matt fitzpatrick March 28, 2006
a jock, prep, and a bitch all bunched into one person. because this person is a jock and a prep thiese two things cancel out the fact that he is a bitch.
yo that preck just fucked that crippled kid up but who cares hes made a tochdown at the foot ball game.
by matt fitzpatrick April 02, 2006
a preepy bitch who seems stuck up but when you meet her it turns out shes a total whour and will buff yo pikel at the drop of a dime
yo did you see me hook up wit that precever last night. before i met her i thought that she was a stuck up prep bitch. but now i no shes a feelthy whore who swollows!
by matt fitzpatrick April 03, 2006

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