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To re-think a bet, having learned new information.
My favorite morning DJ Brother Wease of Rochester,NY, uses tons of slang for differnet reasons. He is a poker addict, and gambling in general.
During the Friday movie reviews, the critic claimed 300 would pull in 25 Million plus! Wease was ready to start a bet, the critic statedd nothing else was opening up. Wease said, he better "back off the window"
by matt coiro March 09, 2007
down payment on something, is a down stroke.
Looks like Rochester finally sold that Fast Ferry to Germany's FRS, for 30 (millhouse), with a nice down stoke of 3 (millhouse) Wease.
You better make a down stroke ASAP if want the car.
by matt coiro April 03, 2007
another word for Million dollars. Based on the character Millhouse on the Simpsons.
That guy makes some mad (Bank), he probably brings down a Millhouse a month.
by matt coiro April 03, 2007

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