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4 definitions by matt and devin

Mc Grill is the act of a man crapping into his partners teeth after which the man takes his dick to brush the shit all over his partners teeth. Let me see them grills!
"Man I want some grills but I cant afford it". "Dont worry man ill help you out!" " Mc Grill it!
by matt and devin December 07, 2006
2 2
sex act performed on unsuspecting women by enterprising males in which after a particulary thorough deep throat session, the male proceeds to defocate on the females teeth and then brushes them with his dick. Then proceed to sing "let me see them grills your what? Your grills.."
Honey, after we're done tonight, would you mind if i admninistered a Mc Grill unto you?
by matt and devin December 07, 2006
2 3
Preformed by an asian boy/man on which he takes a dildo into his ass using his own dick and the dildo as chop sticks to pick stuff up.
Man we have no more chop sticks how will we eat tonight? Dont worry Ive got an idea.....
by matt and devin December 07, 2006
6 9
The act of diping your balls into a warm cup of water while your partner takes a straw to blow bubblesinto the cup making, it a ballcuzzi.
Babe my nuts are feeling a little tense, how about a ballcuzzi
by matt and devin December 07, 2006
11 16