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12 definitions by matt |2

The new mnemonic for memorizing the planets in our solar system in order away from the sun. Until recently, the mnemonic was My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pies, but since Pluto was eliminated from the list, "pies" no longer fits.
Grade School Kid 1: I have an astronomy quiz tomorrow, but I don't know the planets in order!
Grade School Kid 2: Dude, it's just My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nougat. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune!
Grade School Kid 1: What happened to Pluto?
Grade School Kid 2: Psh, Pluto is so pre-August 2006.
by Matt |2 August 27, 2006
111 33
The line by the hotdog or hamburger stand. Mutt of barbecue and queue.
Man 1: Dude, are you hungry?
Man 2: I'm starved -- and it's only the second inning
Man 1: I'm gonna go get a hot dog
Man 2: But the line's really long now
Man 1: Dude, if I don't go now, I'll be in that barbequeue FOREVER
Man 2: Good point. Here's $50. Get me a Coke, garlic fries and some seeds while you're at it
Man 1: Fine, but I'm keeping the change
by Matt |2 April 24, 2006
41 8
A hat that looks normal, but causes severe head trauma
Man 1: Dude, what happened to your head?
Man 2: For April Fools' Day, my jackass roommate got me a Demolition Derby
by Matt |2 April 27, 2006
42 18
n. What shopaholics are addicted to
Husband: Why are these credit card bills so high?!
Wife: I dunno...
Husband: I thought you quit doing Shopahol!
Wife: (sobs) I... I'm still a shopaholic.
by Matt |2 November 21, 2006
18 8
A pronunciation of maybe which infers mystery, possibly relating to sex.
Alan: So, are you doing anything with her tonight?
Matt: Mebeh
Alan: I idolize you -- why won't you tell me?
Matt: I don't have to reveal ALL my secrets.
by Matt |2 August 21, 2007
8 0
lacking, underwhelming, disappointing
(originally from Yiddish)
Man 1: Hey it's November or December or January!
Man 2: You know what that means...
Man 1: Hanukkah, of course!
Man 2: Have you had latkes this year?
Man 1: My mother-in-law made some.
Man 2: And?
Man 1: They were shvach.
Man 2: That's too bad. You want some sufganiot?
Man 1: No. Those are too fattening.
by Matt |2 December 11, 2006
12 4
an inebriated attempt at the word drunk on a qwerty-style personal mobile device like a blackberry. The K is capitalized because when you hold down a letter on a blackberry, it becomes upper-case. Accidental capitalization is super-easy to do when you're wasted.
text messages:
-hey wat r u doing tonite?
-I've been at Study Hall for a few hours, and I'm dronK
-this meetings gonna get out real late, but ill join u after it
-Man, why did I have those shots of tequila????v
by Matt |2 June 17, 2011
7 3