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4 definitions by matman

Protective equipment, most people don't wear them because they restrict movement and are uncomfortable, main use is to stick in you friends face after worm during a workout
I used to wear an athletic cup for wrestling, but I found out I could do better without it, now I just exercise in it and stick it in my friends faces when it's sweaty.
by Matman September 28, 2013
a person that knows every bit of useless information and absoloutly foolish trivia, and learns learns such information from the discovery and history channels found on basic cable. these people tend to have funny kind of whinny voices. they aslo tend to amazingly do terrible when it comes to needed information such as math or english.
that kid is a hard core hiscoverer, he watched the modern marvels marathon and sharkweek at the same time. he told me the average weight of a bluetailedseashark and how they are caught! to bad he doesnt know usefull stuff
by matman November 07, 2005
Putting someone in a headlock and putting their nose in your armpit. Making them smell it ( usually after a workout)
Will stuck his athletic cup in my face last week so this week I put him in a jock headlock.
by Matman September 28, 2013
the use of frozen male fecies as a dildo
hero-"so dude i was bangn this hot chick and i had an idea. we could freez of my dookies and she could stick it in her vagina and orgasm."
hiscoverer- "i belive thats called the alaskan express, i saw it on late-night history channel
by matman April 06, 2006