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1 definition by materiaa354

A myth, a legend, a hero to the downtrodden masses Torgoth rose to power following the massive nerf handed to druids at the out set of WoW. His skill with the druid class rose to supernatural levels defeating legens such as Hizzo, the entire Werra guild, Cheesecake, a rank 13 shaman, and several others.
Torgoth has since retired from WoW in the face of idiodic changes to the underlying design of the game, but now sets his sights on Gears of War, a game that he hopes to dominate with the help of 3 of his best online friends. A prospect that shouldhave many players worried
Torgoth is also known as the Unstoppable Force, He who will not die, The Druid Without A Cause, That Guy Kicking Your Ass When No One Should Beat You As A Druid;
by materiaa354 July 26, 2006