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Vulgar, a very unpleasant incident or a great disappointment. Derivative from piece-dah, a Russian-originated word. Piece-dehtz is commonly and widely used in speech as an interjecrion, usually bearing no significant sense.
Person-1: What's going on in here?
Person-2: I think a piece-dehtz came over us.

As the latest financial crisis goes around the planet destroying banks and companies, robbing folks out of their little funds, everyone gets to realizing a huge piece-dehtz that has befallen the human race.
by matanZa January 31, 2009
Female genitals. An abusive, highly vulgar word borrowed from the Russian language. It is spelled the way it should be spoken in Russian according to the pronunciation rules of the English language. Often said of a woman generally disliked by the speaker. As a trend, the 1970's British teens were using Russian-originated words like rookery - hands, or starry kashka - old man, after 'The Clockworl Orange' novel by Anthony Burgess. That was due to the international situation of that time when no-one knew nothing on what was happening in the USSR and thus the interest to the Russian language could be explained. Nowadays Russian is not a popular source, however, a few words still can appear in an odd conversation of some English-speaking people. That might be a traveling experience of the speaker.
1) He was awquardly fumbling her piece-dah while she moaned.

2) She's the worst piece-dah going, she bans everything that has to do with sex, Max grumbled.
by matanZa January 31, 2009

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