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of or relating to speed...ability to go fast...also used as "dip"
You better put dem dippas on!
Them thangs can dip!
He's the dip masta flex!
No kind of dippas!
#dipers #dippers #dipas #dip #dipp
by matB August 17, 2006
to the extreme, can be used with any word in front of this...
"blank" masta flex = extremely blank
ridiculous masta flex = extremly ridiculous
hud masta flex = extremely ugly/stupid/ridiculous
pimp masta flex = a major pimp
fag masta flex = an extremely gay person
neck head masta flex = someone who realy realy deserves a neck
#master flex #master-flex #masta-flex #mastaflex #masterflex
by matB August 17, 2006
someone who deserves a neck
a very retarded person
a ver ridiculous person
Shut up neck head!
Whatever neck head!
Tell his neck headed self whats up!
He's the neck head masta flex!
#neck-head #nek hed #heck hed #hek hed #heck ned
by matB August 17, 2006
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