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The worst music out there. It is usually for people that have low IQ's, are conformist, and are afraid to explore other music out there.

It is always on the radio, Top 40, MTV, and everywhere you go! All of it is crappy music created for people with no idea what good music is.
Teenybopper Girl 1: Hey, that new Jonas Brothers song is awesome! Have you heard it?
Rock or Metal Fan 2: No, your music is crappy gay mainstream music pretending to be rock. It is rubbish music made for idiots with no music taste.
by masterpassion October 04, 2009
Starting in 1999, they are a melodic death metal band which combines melodeath with power metal and neoclassical metal. They have only one album, which is called Stained. They announced their split-up in 2007.
Check out Imperanon's songs Sold, Memories To Dust, and Shadowsouls.
by masterpassion November 30, 2009
This music is found in genres such as Glam Rock (Bon Jovi), Glam Metal (KISS, Twisted Sister), Nu metal (Slipknot, Korn), Deathcore (Bring Me The Horizon, As Blood Runs Black), some Metalcore (Attack Attack!, Iwrestledabearonce), Alternative metal (System of a Down, Papa Roach), some Hard Rock (people call AC/DC and Led Zeppelin metal).

Most mainstream metal sucks because of its very watered-down MTV style, which most metalheads dislike strongly.

Idiots, who have no clue what they're saying, call Led Zeppelin or AC/DC metal. This is not true at all. They both have told their fans that they play hard rock, not metal.

Bon Jovi is not metal and never will be. Their style is too love song oriented and they have appeared on shows like American Idol, which totally throws away metal completely no matter who is on that show.

Korn and Slipknot are not even heavy enough to be metal. Their lyrics, image, and singing is too mainstream to be metal. People call Slipknot death metal? Haha! This is a disgrace to true death metal, which was created by amazingly talented bands. That is just pure blasphemy.

Deathcore ruins death metal by invading it with talentless hardcore punk. Don't get any metalhead started on that...
Real metalhead: Go listen to real metal such as Death, Carcass or Nile.
Fake metalhead: All that stuff is way too amazingly talented for me. I think I'm gonna go listen to Slipknot now.
by MasterPassion December 26, 2009

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