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A word I invented. (well as far as I know I did). It is a combonation of pie hole and trap which are used as subsitutes for mouth. They are used when telling someone to shut it.
Shut your pie trap asshole!
by master tang March 21, 2005
A 4 in one steak
I want ChickenBeefPorkTurkey steak for dinner!
by Master Tang March 10, 2004
obsessibe compulsive disorder
a wierd disease which causes sufferers like myself to fear unlikely events if you don't do or correct something. sufferers have been known to aquire phobias from this disease. I am now emetophobic.
-I am an athiest and I feared God striking me down if I didn't retie my shoes without thinking a clean nice thought.

-If I had to repeat things ceartain numbers woere unacceptable. for me: 3, 6 (my fav number), 9,13,17,18,21,23, 27.
by master tang March 28, 2005

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