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A new form of freeride mountain biking. The course usually includes jumps, drops, wallrides and ladder bridges. Riders usually pull BMX style tricks off the jumps and drops. The Slopestyle scene exploded back in 2004 when Paul Basagoitia won the 2004 Kokanee Crankworx Slopestyle in Whistler.
The 2007 Crankworx Slopestyle sucked compared to the past years competitions.
by marzocchi66 November 08, 2007
A Newfoundland saying, often said when one is becoming stressed out or annoyed.
"By da jesus! Dat car almost rear ended me!"
by Marzocchi66 November 09, 2007
Newfie slang, see on the go

1) A happening of a party.

2) A sexual relationship.

3) Getting drunk.
1) By's you gettin on da go tonight?

2) Robyn and Todd are on da go now.

3) Danny was definitely on da go lastnight.
by marzocchi66 November 03, 2007

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