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Martha is another one of Nicki Minaj's various alter egos. She's Roman Zolanski's British mother. She can be heard at the very end of the song 'Roman's Revenge' and was also seen for the very first time playing Nicki's fairy god mother in 'Moment 4 Life.'
Person 1: I love Nicki's voice when she becomes Roman Zolanski!

Person 2: Yeah me too! Not so sure about his strange British mother Martha Zolanski though.
by marylily2 March 20, 2011
Livvi Franc is a current singer. Born and raised in Harrogate, she moved to Barbados at a young age. For years she knew she wanted to be a part of the music industry. She is most well known for her buzz single 'Now I'm That Bitch' ft Pitbull but is currently working on a new album with her new record label Belgua Heights. She is also a very talented song writer and has written for the likes of Cheryl Cole, Jordin Sparks, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears and even Michael Jackson using her real name Olivia Waithe.
Person 1: I LOVE Livvi Franc's song Now I'm That Bitch, don't you?

Person 2: I do indeed. But her songs such as Bliss, Lovey Dovey and I Understand mean even more to me!
by marylily2 March 20, 2011

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