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Someone who ruins your day or life and seems to not notice or care!!! If someone knows what they have done then they cant be one. Children cannot be Fucktards!! (FACT) Everybody will be a Fucktard once in there life, good thing is you will never know it.
You know a Fucktard.. everybody will. Like when you are walking down the street with your takeaway tea or coffee and someone knocks into you spilling your hot drink all over you and not noticing, thats a Fucktard!! Or when you get into a bath and the phone rings and just as you get there to answer it stops (Fucktard). Just hooverd the carpets and someone walks straight over it with dirty shoes and cant see the problem (Fucktard).
by Maryjane1982 May 17, 2011
Another word for a Aquarium

Two friends are talking...

Friend 1 "What are you doing today?"

Friend 2 "Im going to the Water Zoo"

Friend 1 "Oh you mean the Aquarium"

Friend 2 "yeah Its the same thing"

Friend 1 "Fairplay"
by maryjane1982 January 09, 2012

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