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a sexual aid worn on your head whilst chanting foreskin. common among devonians whilst tucking their heads inside there foreskin and rolling around on the floor.
matt put his bellend hat on and orgasmed instantly
by marvin barrs November 22, 2004
the foreskin master is the controller of the universe. no single being can compare to the foreskin master, he is like god, only better and higher in the ranking.
matt is the foreskin master, dont argue with him or he'll place you in his foreskin.
by marvin barrs November 27, 2004
1) a type of cheese. their's only one specimen of framcheese in the world.
2) it also means amazing.
1) can i have some framcheese? NO!
2) wow! thats framcheese!
by marvin barrs December 19, 2004
similar to foreskin master, except not as high in ranking order. the foreskin masters right hand man.
the bellend master decided to steal cambridgshire and place it in his foreskin. the foreskin master overode his decision.
by marvin barrs November 27, 2004
the name Lucy Mandroaf originated from a mispronunciation of Luther Vandross. by coincidence, sheohead elephant girl gave birth at the same time. she then decided to call her baby lucy mandroaf. lucy was born in 33334 b.y. (browntardf years), about two days ago. shes now 51 years old
lucy mandroaf has some quality songs like the closer i get to death and dance with my foreskin again.
by marvin barrs November 27, 2004
the favoured toy of browntardf monkey boy. is a living creature and inhbitant of tivertown.
browntardf monkey boy played with bruno the magical sword from dawn to dusk.
by marvin barrs November 27, 2004
nichand the cool is the coolest inhabitant of tivertown. often seen chanting 'NICHAND! IM COOL!' and sporting £2 sunglasses. their isn't any records of data showing any facts on nichand and his origins, its just a well know fact that hes cool.
nichand the cool is so dreamy. i wish i were as cool as him.
by marvin barrs November 27, 2004
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