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A term or exclamation used to indicate that an object or an event is beyond words in the scope of it's amazing greatness.

This is of course based upon the Rainbow Scale used by many Hippy's, Bush Folk and Mountain Dwellers in their reference to, well, mainly rainbows, but also other stuff too:

1. Sprinkler Rainbow
2. 1/2 Rainbow in the sky
3. Full Rainbow all the way
4. Double Rainbow 1/2 the way
5. Double Rainbow all the way
6. Triple Rainbow

A Triple Rainbow is like the voice of god, the only way to witness one and live is in a game of Pictionary with Metatron.
Example 1:

Hungrybear9562: OMG! It's a Double Rainbow, All the way, across the sky!!!! DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!!! What does this mean?

Example 2:

John: Did you just hear that Hang Drum solo?
Peter: Yeah dude, it was Double Rainbow all the way.
by marvaenaeldo July 07, 2010
A play on the word 'treason' that combines 'Tea' (short in this instance for Tea Party Patriot) and 'Reason' (a homonym meaning either: purpose or rationality).

It can be defined as:

A situation in which a citizen of another country is accused of committing an act of treason against the United States of America by a Tea Party Patriot.
Huckabee: Julian Assange should be executed for treason!

Assange: I think you mean Tea-Reason? Perhaps I could interest you in a map, and a dictionary?
by marvaenaeldo December 02, 2010
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