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The pocket of fat located on a usually middle aged to old woman. This fat is located above a woman's crotchal region. When you see a floopa, it appears as if the woman is wearing her pants seven or eight inches too high. This area of fatness is usually very visually painful.
Marty: Dude was that a MILF I just saw?
Aurie: Fuck no dude! She had a floopa!
by martinBeezy June 05, 2006
Another way to say a slit throat, alluding to the belief that Cubans commonly cut throats.
"Holy shit, Emily! Did you hear about how Marty messed up with those two vatos and they gave him a cuban neck tie? Das fucked up!"
by martinBeezy June 05, 2006
Spanish slang, usually Mexican. It is slang for a "fucker." Coming from the word "chingada."
Marty: Emily, you get the fuck out you puta. Go suck someone else's dick!
Emily: Fuck you pinche chingaso!
by martinBeezy June 05, 2006

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