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107 definitions by martin

Land of milk and honey. Capital is Hanham (otherwise known as Ebayebay land)
That ginger bloke called Chris was from Shireshire.
by Martin December 11, 2004
A phrase often used to prevent children from coming to grips with the harsh realities of the world.
Just remember, you are unique. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.
by Martin May 03, 2004
A parody of creation loving bastards such as BooB's apparant pulling techniques and socialising
With my martitude i pulled 16 girls in 10 minutes last night.

You could all be a lot better if you had a little martitude
by martin March 23, 2003
Completely and utterly drunk; obliterated; see Beligerent
Oh man, I got totally beliged last night, I think I pissed on a cop car.
by Martin March 06, 2005
The process of taking stock to determine the current situation, the assessment enabling a decision to be made on the most suitable course of action to be taken.
John: "There's not much going on round here - fancy getting a couple o' three grams of coke in and going up town top rankin'?"

Paul: "Well I've blown a few quid on ale and the fruity already - I'll have a quick sellablige and let you know whether I'm up for it or not."
by Martin February 17, 2005
Someone who's in a constant state of confusion and swears more times then he inhales.
(No known use of this term)
by Martin April 28, 2003
Means CRUNK and Izzle is just for funizzle
Damn, that thang iz so crunkizzle
by MARTIN February 28, 2005