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a word used to enhance whatever it is describing. it can be used as an adjective or an adverb. it's commonly used in new england states, except for western connecticut.
"that car is wicked fast"
"he was wicked hot"
by martha March 04, 2005
1. To show signs of acting like Isaac, especially in science-fiction areas, during everyday conversation.
2. The act of repeatedly impressing your friends with witty banter, much like an episode of Gilmore Girls or a person who is Kristerrific.
Oh, that Darvil cracks me up! He is so freaking Isaacishish!!
by Martha March 19, 2003
you suck, that sucks, it is too bad.
No kinds, I have to work 12 hours tommorrow. No kinds, let's just go out tonight.
by martha March 24, 2004
It is a city. The city of Pomona in California.
I went to the PO to check out the Arts Colony.
by martha March 24, 2004
1. (n.) Variation of vixen
2. (n.) Any person with a lousy computer
3. (adj.) Crappy Computer
That guy's computer gets pwned by an Imac. He must be a bixen.
by Martha July 01, 2003
the best of the fifty states. we're the richest, the smartest, and we have the best location "between boston and new york."

even though there are some poor people hiding between the cracks of such rich towns as avon, westport, fairfield, and greenwich, whenever a connecticutian leaves the state they will be asked how rich they are.

a lot of new yorkers have second houses here. lots of famous people also have houses here, like 50 cent, paul newman, dave letterman, and whoopi goldberg.

everyone in connecticut pops their collar.
"where are you from?"


"oh so you're rich right?"

by martha March 04, 2005
A strong form of Maryjuana. Chronic.
I smoked some good creepy last night.
by martha March 24, 2004

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