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Technically ones penis, but also pertaining to ones spirit.
Alright dude, hows your manrod? Its on a red up arrow... sweet
by Markyg August 29, 2003
1. see chav and townie
variations include "scum of the universe" and "scum of the galaxy"
"look at that burberry clad idiot! he's the scum of the earth!"
by markyG February 15, 2006
"I can't believe that Vicar is a creche tourist!" "Yeah... you know why choir boys have centre partings?"
by markyg October 03, 2003
text representation of 1337 or l33T (see also elite)
stan: "man that was fuxxing awexome!"
paul: "ha dude, you're speaking like you're online! how thirteenthirtyseven of you!"
by markyG February 14, 2006
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