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3 definitions by marksupero

A slang term for Jehova's Witnesses.
Damn bitch, some hovies is coming down our driveway. Get the mace!
by marksupero December 23, 2006
73 20
A Paden is a person who is really slow when he's snowboarding, slow getting them on, slow down the slopes.
Damn bitch, you're boarding so slow today you must be a Paden.
by marksupero March 09, 2007
9 42
A person who has been skiing for a long time (8 years) and sucks, he can't go straight, always turns, is slower than everyone else but still has more experience and just started doing the medium-difficulty runs after like 7 years.
Damn bitch, you keep this up I'm leaving, you're skiing like a Rory.
by marksupero March 09, 2007
39 276