4 definitions by mark twains hardballz

When your are having sex with your partner and you put a banana in their ass and feed them peanuts.
My girl is a freak and loves it when I give her the Real Donkey Kong.
by mark twains hardballz August 21, 2009
A man ejaculates into a scuba snorkel while their partner sucks the cum through the mouth piece. It is recommended that the partner doing the sucking wears goggles. For optimal pleasure, underwater conditions are ideal.
Instead of sucking air, I did the official snorkler!
by mark twains hardballz August 02, 2009
When you put your girl on top of the kitchen counter and perform oral sex and she squirts all over the floor. And that is the reason you have to mop the floor.
My girl loves it when I mop the floor!
by mark twains hardballz August 22, 2009
When your partner puts his dick in your muffin shaped ass and cracks an egg on your back.
We got kinky this weekend and I gave my girl the sausage egg mcmuffin.
by mark twains hardballz August 21, 2009

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