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When your recieving head and you pull out squirt it on her face only hitting one eye. It burns bad and she closes the eye and says arrrrrggggg making a pirates face.
My wife went out for holloween with a face pirate.
by mark snider February 13, 2004
A man who tries to catch a glimpse at your package while pissing at the urinal.
Mike sure acts like a homo when hes meat gazin'.
by mark snider January 25, 2005
While someone is in the act as a meat gazer. It is the lean towards the urinal to prevent them from seeing your package.
I got my dick wet when I was doing the maet gazer lean.
by mark snider January 25, 2005
The buliding you park your car into. Also known as a garage.
My exwife's pussy is the size of a car hole.
by mark snider February 16, 2004

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