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the best thing on the face the earth.....if the earth had a face...which it might.....and if it does it prolly looks like a tin of skoal.....fuk'n right
skoalllll rocks
by mark palmer March 15, 2004
the act of fucking someones mother (if your really fucked up it could be your own mom also) in the ass and pussy at the same time
"Todd... you.... you, pussy ass mother fucker.... you dick sucker!!!"
by mark palmer March 16, 2004
somebody who thinks that they are black when in fact they are white
......AKA mark palmer
mark palmer is a wigga
by mark palmer March 16, 2004
a large overweight native who serves no purpose in life..but is employed at the local bus station..he arrives at work with 24's of honey lager falling out of his truck..he is never clean or presentable..even to a dirty bum living on the street....... example:chirs french
big tom...hook me up with a 24 and a pack of cigos..
by mark palmer March 15, 2004
a girl with an extremely large underbyte who everyone is convinced dipps smokeless tobacco
ya.....i had a dip with skoal last nite....she had a whole log to herself
by mark palmer March 15, 2004
a very sluty old wrinkly whore that gets by in life by fuking anything and everything that walks talks breathes or is living..or that is visible by the naked eye
got her palmer's mom off 100 times with one lick
by mark palmer March 15, 2004
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