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refers to a person's natural sexual attractiveness or raw charisma, can't be learned, should be treated with caution and respected as a sixth sense.
It's Andrew's animal magnetism that lets him sit back and have both women and men flock to him for attention unaware of his aura, all the while he just sits there politely smiling luring in his prospects.
by mark daniels March 22, 2012
Form of lol
Origin. Germany

Person One: Ive got a big sausauge JaJa - would you like to touch my sausage??
Person Two: Leuel, Ja Ja let me touch your sausage with my toit german fingers
Person One: Thats not my sausage.. thats my man sausage
Person Two: Is that not what you meant?
Person One: .. Nein! Leuel!
Person Two: Leuel!
by Mark Daniels March 19, 2006
Form of lol
Origin. Wales

Welsh Pronunciation. Means the same as lol.
Person One: Hello Mr Jones, How is your father?
Person Two: Out with the sheep again..
Person One: lyll
by Mark Daniels March 19, 2006
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