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A term used to loosely describe your SUV when trying to act like you're so full of life that you don't even know what you really drive.
<customer> I need a part for my Mitsubishi Jeep.
<parts man> Is that a Mitsubishi or a Jeep?
<customer> It's a Mitsubishi.
<parts man> What model Mitsubishi?
<customer> A Jeep.
<parts man> Alright, is that a Wrangler, Cherokee or Grand Cherokee?
<customer> No, it's a Mitsubishi.
<parts man> What kind of Mitsubishi?
<customer> A Mitsubishi Jeep.
<parts man> Do you have the VIN?
<customer> No, I don't.
by Mark Shackelford May 15, 2007
A famous quote from the movie "The seventh sense." The plot of the movie revolves around a disturbed boy who tells his counselor, "I see dumb people... and they don't even know they're dumb." In the end, the counselor goes back to his home and finds that he is one of the dumb people the boy was speaking of.
I see dumb people... and they don't even know they're dumb!
by Mark Shackelford October 31, 2007
Same as a catalytic converter only mispernounced by certain minority groups. Not necessarily for a Cadillac brand vehicle nor is it a luxury line converter.
Say maen, I needs a Cadillac converter for my Mitsubichi Galant.
by Mark Shackelford April 25, 2007
R12 was a planet in the Star Wars comic series. R12 was best known for producing a unique gas, also called R12, that was the most potent refrigerant known to the galaxy. R12 gas became obselete when the planet R12 was destroyed by the Death Star.
<Han Solo> Quick, Chewie, grab a can of R12 and recharge the A/C system.
<Chewie> (unintelligible reply)
by Mark Shackelford June 04, 2007
Corn chip fragments mixed with salsa eaten with a spoon.
When life throws you nothing but the bottom of a bag of corn chips and some salsa, make mexican cereal!
by Mark Shackelford August 04, 2007
Acronym for "Reel 2, Dialog Track 2." Also the name of a trashcan converted to droid in the double-trilogy space thriller, "Star Wars."
<stage hand> Here you go, R2D2.
<George Lucas> R2D2? Hey, let's call that fancy garbage can on wheels R2D2.
<stage hand> Do I get a raise if he becomes famous?
<George Lucas> Let me think...No!
by Mark Shackelford May 24, 2007
Men and women who completely abstain from even the hint of sex until married and only have sex with their spouse in obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
<pastor> I didn't even kiss my wife until we were married. On our honeymoon, it was about a two hour drive to our hotel after the flight. I was doing all I could to contain myself. We finally arrived and what happened after that is none of your business.
<teenager> Were you asexual or something?
<pastor> No, I am a holysexual.
by Mark Shackelford May 16, 2007

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