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Posh person or celebrity's version of towell
"Oh darling could you pass me the tohel, I need to dry off, don't cha know"
by marcus jamieson-pond March 11, 2004
A small personal cinema, sometimes found in the back rooms of millionaires' mansions.
House details may read,
"the house comes complete with 6 person sauna, hottub and jacuzzi, olympic sized pool and 10 person babycino with 8 by 5 metre screen and Dolby surround sound".
by marcus jamieson-pond March 10, 2004
Txt version of the word "speed", as used by Tom Cruise in the follow up to Top Gun ("Tp Gn 2")
"I feel the need the need for sped"
by marcus jamieson-pond March 11, 2004
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